When I Have Thoughts Of The Future

First published in City Series #5, Halifax by Frog Hollow Press, 2016.

When I Have Thoughts of the Future
When I have thoughts of the future they are mixed media.
My materials are: gin, cat, reading, writing and wool
in ratios of 30, 25, 36, and 9,
not relational in this context,
but perhaps in the world.
There are no lovers.
The landscape is ocean bound,
and increasingly,
And I am alone and know it (about 50% of the time).
The rest is content with nature and with the animals.
Thoughts of the past are charcoal dust on cheap paper.
You are in it,
and I break heart from your history like an avant-garde.
What I am left with is vision, and the text.
Now, now may be a hated object,
A sculpture,
Stalked around in, formed of bird feather and garbage and ten decisions, all wrong
But myth or mark, it’s mine.
And I like that we slip cast it, slipped passed it
A thudding mess most of the time
(No time at all).