Winner of the 2019 Gulf Coast Association of Creative Writing Teachers- Graduate Award for Fiction

Winner of the 2014 Penguin Random House Canada Student Award for Fiction.

Craig Davidson, judge and author of Cataract City, had this to say about "The Crossing"

It is the small moments in "The Crossing" that make it powerful. A strange, fleeting moment of contact between two very different men is a particularly memorable one. It is the big moments too, such as the one that transpires in the final pages- but why tell you about it now, and spoil it? Within the first few sentences, a reader knows they are in the hands of a very talented writer. There is a subtlety to the writing that echoes the motivations of the characters, who seem to not quite know themselves or their desires...but then who amongst us knows our own self completely, that little contrarian heart beating at our centres? Erinn Beth Langille understands this duality--the face we show the world versus the face we keep hidden--and that, amongst other things, is what gives this story so much of its resonance.

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